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We’re delighted that you are interested in joining our team of talented and passionate professionals. These are exciting times indeed as we are looking to contract with and hire people that are as crazy about marketing and helping small businesses grow as we are.

We’d love to setup a time to interview you, but first, we’d like to get to know you a little bit more. 

We’ll need you to complete this intake form as well as a few tests. The roles that we hire for require teamwork, collaboration, attention to detail, problem solving skills, and a commitment to excellence. So everything submitted from this point forward will give us an idea as to whether or not we’re a good working match for each other. 

If for some reason you have questions or need additional clarity, please do not hesitate to contact

Once again, thank you for applying, and we’ll be in touch once we receive your information. 


Kristin Larsen, CEO & Chief Nerd of Nerd Power Media

Kristin Larsen
Chief Nerd & CEO