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Kristin Larsen, CEO & Chief Nerd of Nerd Power Media

Kristin Larsen, Chief Nerd of Nerd Power Media®


A Few of Our Clients

Blissful Events, Napa Wedding Planning
Who Killed Bob Crane?

What Our Clients Say About us

“generated a tremendous amount of interest and traffic resulting in sales.”

“Kristin built a magnificent website for my book “Who Killed Bob Crane.” It has generated a tremendous amount of interest and traffic resulting in sales. The result was beyond my wildest expectations. She has been instrumental in selling the books. Kristin’s efforts were the best part of the project. She answered every question and was thoroughly professional.”

John Hook

Arizona Television Anchor, Author of "Who Killed Bob Crane"

“(They) produce exceptional websites. Highly recommended!”

“Kristin Larsen and Nerd Power Media produce attractive, effective, result-driven work. That’s rare! They also design effective SEO, social media and automated email strategies and produce exceptional websites. Highly recommended!” 

Martin E. Latz

Founder of Latz Negotiation, Expert Negotiator, and bestselling author of The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates”

“Nerd Power Media’s team is simply amazing!”

“Nerd Power Media’s team is simply amazing! They took on our unique, challenging site and built a measurable plan from the ground floor. That plan is still producing real results. The copy they write is beyond anything you can imagine, and will boost your site in all the different strategies that they have. We trust their knowledge and expertise with all of our online marketing needs.”

Kenneth Penn

President of Pennconn LLC, Carson Manufacturing

Boldly Expand Audiences & Profitablity

As an expert in your field, you want to be acknowledged as a go-to authority and reach people all over the country or maybe even the world. Despite the burning fire in your belly to get out there and be known, as far as the internet is concerned, you barely exist. You can’t reach the people you need to reach and your website is more like an online brochure than a revenue-generating machine. It’s all very overwhelming and makes you feel like you’re being held back. We know the feeling and have seen this same frustration time and time again.
But digital marketing doesn’t have to be the villain in your story. In fact, with the right guidance and support, it can make the most amazing sidekick. Like the Robin to your Batman, the Costanza to your Seinfeld, or the Spock to your Kirk. Over the past 7 years, we have helped businesses like yours go from zero traffic to 20,000 visitors per month and Nerd Power Media® is here to help you do the same. 
So, schedule a call and, meanwhile, get our Free Report to Identify the Top 3 Fixable Errors Holding Your Website Back. It’s time to stop feeling like your audience is in a galaxy far-far away and start reaching people all over the world who need your expertise!