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To succeed in an online business world, you either need to hire a nerd or become one yourself. Luckily, Nerd Power Media helps you achieve both.

Whether you wish to hire us to get a job done, or you’re interested learning nerdy pursues such as search engine optimization or Google Analytics, Nerd Power is here to help. We will be developing courses and tools to help you master your quadrant of this high-tech world. Knowledge is power, and it’s far too precious a resource to hoard. That’s why we want to share the wealth.

We’ll enable you to be as nerdy as you wanna be.
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Online Courses We’ll Offer Based on Demand

  • Search Engine Optimization: How to Optimize Your WordPress Site
  • Web Development
  • Marketing & Lead Nurturing Funnels
  • Google Analytics

Our Services

Nerd Power Media is a full-service digital agency.

Email Automation Campaigns

Create a goal-driven, email strategy that will engage your audience and nurture your relationship with them. We measure the success and help you achieve your aims.

Client Persona Research

It’s important to know who are your ideal clients, what words they are using to describe their needs and how you can best serve them. We are able to research local and national audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

We design a comprehensive keyword strategy and website optimization plan designed to bring your target audience to you. Be found by those you are seeking.

E-commerce Optimization

Test and optimize. See better results. Rinse and repeat. Most fail to approach e-commerce in a systematic and measurable way to drive ongoing improvement. Let’s change that.

Keyword Research

Keywords can be a powerful indicator of that person’s intent. We asses the popularity of search terms, user intent, and how difficult it will be to rank for a term. This provides a custom strategy that is attainable.

Website & Content Creation

We create purpose-driven websites. We work with you to identify your goals, and construct a user interface and SEO-optimized site designed to help you meet those goals.

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To succeed in online business, you either need to hire a nerd, or become one. We help with both.